Poem: Together

I won’t admit to being an expert poet, but I do like to wax poetic every now and then. There’s both a structure and a freeform nature to writing poetry — not that I always follow Iambic Pentameter (I tried that here, and it took me a good few hours to make it all fit). A poem is something you can often churn out in ten minutes, depending on the difficulty of the subject matter. It’s writing at its purest and storytelling at the speed of light.

This one goes out to a special someone. You know who you are.



I was alone,

Trapped in a prison of my own making,

I searched for meaning,

In so many places,

But it did not fill my cup,

What I had went to waste,

And then we met.

You took my hand,

We stepped through the sand,

We held each other braving the wind,

You listened to me and I to you,

Your sweet smile filled my cup,

And your spirit possessed me.

I have you,

And you have me,

We are together.

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