Ran a bit late today on the writing front. Here’s a short but sweet list of some things I did today.

– I was the appointed Duty Officer of the day at Upper Hutt Animal Rescue.
It was the open day, and although we didn’t get many people through it was great having extra hands on deck. And I must remember to buy some antihistamine tablets. That hay the rabbits use is not friendly on my sinuses.

– I went to the park and sucked on a probiotic yoghurt, and played on the flying fox.

– I cooked dinner for two people I care about. Lemon Chicken if you were wondering.

– I went to a quiz night at the Short Straw Cafe out in the wop wops, err.. Whiteman’s Valley. We didn’t win or anything like that but I’m proud of getting two TV themes from the 90’s; Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Charmed. Two quiz nights in two weeks. I must be becoming quite the quizmaster.


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