Short Story: Unprincipled Part B

The second part of my short story. Please note that this is only a part of the story and a rough first draft to boot. It will all be compiled into an edited, completed short story when all is said and done. This is to make sure I’m being held accountable for my 30 day writing challenge!

Unprincipled cont.

“Never mind,” Victor turned to a nearby shelf and handed Troy a slab of refill and a blue ballpoint pen. “You know the drill. Write.”

Troy sat looking at the empty page.

“Now the sooner you do this the sooner I can show Principal Edwards, and the sooner the both of us can get home.”

Troy reluctantly picked up the pen and started doodling in the margin. Victor sighed. “Start with Dear Mr. Edwards. I am sorry for my actions because.”

Victor muttered to himself. Edwards would only have to read the page, whereas Victor had to watch him painstakingly write the thing. Principals get all the perks. Victor found a seat at a nearby desk and watched the clock on the wall as the hands turned. Fifteen minutes passed when Troy mumbled a “Done.”

Victor snapped the half a page of a scribbled sorry excuse for a letter and shooed Troy away with it. Troy left the classroom, shorts around his knees, his boxer shorts showing. Victor didn’t even bother. He tucked the chair in, Troy had kindly left a metre out from the desk, when he noticed a ballpoint graffiti on the surface of the desk. Upon closer inspection, he saw the short hair and the lines in the forehead, and an exaggerated nose. His nose. The rest of the little figure was a stick man bent over with a pointy finger stuck up its backside. But that wasn’t what caused Victor’s eyes to twitch, or his fists to clench. No, that was thanks to the speech bubble coming out from the crude stick figure drawing of himself: Principal Edwards was busy. The plastic desk hit the floor with a thud. Victor struck the bottom of the chair with his foot, sending the chair across the room. It bounced off a few desks before coming to a rest at the back of the classroom. Victor stood there in the middle of the classroom, his chest inflating rapidly with every breath. The veins in his forehead protruded and his lips were in what could only be described as an almost pleased snarl.

Victor left the classroom in the state it was in and locked the door behind him on the way out. He headed along the concrete pavement towards the Administration block. The walk was helping. Victor’s fists opened and he began to breathe easier. The block drew closer and Victor walked up the steps to the closest entrance. The steps lead to a door which turned into a corridor. Still striding, a flying laptop connected with his chest. Victor couldn’t help but let out an expletive. Lucy Williams popped up above the laptop. “Victor, sorry. I was just checking the serial number.”

That short, bespectacled, blonde woman. You would think the Head of IT was on par with the principal, the way she carried on. Victor was not amused. “While you were walking?”

“Sorry, I should have known better,” Lucy quickly changed the subject. “So where are you off to so purposefully?”

For a little thing she sure was up in his face. Victor felt like stepping back. She was invading his personal space. He said something quickly, hoping she would shut up and go away. “Off to see Edwards.”

That line only piqued her interest more. She didn’t back off. “Did you hear the news?”

Victor paused, taken aback. He was a little uncertain on how to respond.

“The retirement,” Lucy whispered.

“Yes, I heard.”

“Thinking of stepping up?”

“Well I am the Deputy Principal. It would make sense,” Victor said almost proudly.



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