Short Story: Unprincipled Part G

Please note that this is only a part of the short story and a rough first draft to boot. It will all be compiled into an edited, completed short story when all is said and done. This is to make sure I’m being held accountable for my 30 day writing challenge!

Unprincipled cont.

Victor took one quick look at the broken chair and walked back across the classroom and out of the door, leaving the class in a stunned silence. He was fuming as he strode down the stairwell two steps at a time. After all he had done for the school, all his years of service, and he was turned down just like that. And for Lucy Williams no less. He nearly spat. He had lost all respect for the school and what it stood for. It was time to make amends.  His mind turned to Troy Keller and his pyromaniac escapades. He fumbled the lighter in his pocket he had confiscated earlier.

Victor walked past the classes in session, the students tucked away in their safe little classrooms all unaware of what he was about to do. Victor walked into the ICT block and peered through one of the classroom doors. Lucy Williams’ classroom. It was empty. He pulled the set of school keys off his belt and unlocked the door with a click.


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