Short Story: Unprincipled Part I or Something

Please note that this is only a part of the short story and a rough first draft to boot. It will all be compiled into an edited, completed short story when all is said and done. This is to make sure I’m being held accountable for my 30 day writing challenge!

Unprincipled cont.

As Victor unscrewed the bottle of methalayted spirits he felt his pocket dance. His phone was receiving a call, most likely Principal Edwards, he thought. Or the troll herself, Lucy Job-stealing Williams. He ignored it.

Victor flicked the lid across the floor and held out an arm. With a flourish Victor tipped the bottle upside down and splashed Lucy’s computer and monitor with the foul, purple stuff.

From the waste paper bin Victor lit a piece of crumbled up paper and tossed it at the computer parts. The darkened room burst into light as flames licked at the computer and the carpet below it.

Victor watched, entranced by the tongues of fire. It communicated his feelings perfectly; Rage, Destruction, Uncontrolled. He pocketed the lighter and admired the irony of Troy Keller’s experiments with the wild element.

Victor went off in search of further vengeance.


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