Ideas Pot

I’m sitting here staring at a blank page. It’s not Writer’s Block, it’s something else; a lack of ideas. I know as a writer I should have ideas aplenty, but the pot has run dry and I’m lacking inspiration. So I’m reaching out to my readers. Please use the contact form below (or use the comments) to email me your suggestions. I’m thinking of non-fiction essays about periods in my life, my views on a certain subject matter, or maybe a kick-start premise for a short story.

I think for most writers (myself included) will draw ideas from the world around them, and more often than not, their own life experiences. The idea that ideas (sorry) can be drawn out of thin air is a myth, but sometimes it might feel that way. Our subconscious will often pick up the strangest of jumping off points and then the rest is up to our imagination, or put another way, a combination of separate and distant subjects, to make something new.

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