Flash Fiction: Smile Back

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Smile Back

I searched the group of faces for the one. The one who gave me glances in the lunchroom. We never introduced ourselves, and it had been over a week since he started working for the same task masters I proud myself on working for. He sat at a table with a few other guys while I sat, as always, on my lonesome. At least I have my diary and pen to keep me occupied. But I wrote no words, only twiddled the pen between my fingers, taking the occasional glance in his direction and quickly looking away again.

I mean, he had been looking at me too, right? He would have had to been. Our eyes had met, I could swear on it. But I couldn’t do this eye flirting for too much longer. It’s a drain on the system knowing but not knowing. I had to know for sure. I had to know he was looking at me too. That it wasn’t just in my head.

Carefully I tilted up my head. He had just swallowed a forkful of food and was munching on it thoughtfully. Now was my chance; go you beautiful girl you. I stretched the muscles in my face into a slight smile. I say stretched because it took all the strength I had to do it. Fear was holding me back, but I wouldn’t let it consume me any longer. I broke into a full grin, beaming my smile across the room for all to see, but I only needed the one recipient. My recipient. He finally swallowed his mouthful, and before prodding his plate for another, he glanced across the room at me — at me with my goofy grin and crazy eyes, and then he smiled a crazy grin right back.

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