Flash Fiction: Show Me How

First drafted on Typetrigger.

Show Me How

The small boy looked up at me with those big round, brown eyes.
“Please Mister, I need to know.”
I bent down on one knee in my dark suit. “It’s magic.”
The boy didn’t look too pleased at that answer. He frowned and something wet began to form in the corners of those deep brown eyes,
“No, I really need to know. How did he get in there?”
I offered the boy my black top hat. He gave it a once-over and returned it to me.
I reassured him, “I say abracadabra and he appears.”
“But where does he come from?”
That put me on the spot. “Teleportation. I pull him out from his habitat — it could be someone’s garden down the street, or a forest across the country — and I send him back home safely after.”
The boy pouted. “But where did that bunny come from?”
I could see this conversation wasn’t going to end soon. I scanned the disappearing crowd for the kid’s parents, but no one seemed to be sticking around. Great, I’m stuck with your typical garden variety four-year old who has a question for everything.
I took the child’s hand reassuringly. “The bunny came from a place called Wonderland.”
“Where’s that?”
“A fantastical place full of talking animals.”
“Then how come that bunny didn’t talk?”
“Oh, didn’t you know? All animals talk, but in our world we just can’t understand them.”
“Can I go to Wonderland?”
“Maybe one day you can.”
“Can you send me to Wonderland like you did with the rabbit?”
“I’m afraid my hat just isn’t big enough.”
“Okay,” said the boy, looking at his feet glumly. “Thanks mister.”
And with that he took off and chased after the dispersing crowd.

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