Flash Fiction: She Saw

classroomFirst drafted on Typetrigger.

She Saw

Lockers flashed by me as I rushed  to my classroom. School was long over and I just hoped the door was unlocked. I was literally halfway home before I realised I had left my homework on my desk. Now, why would a young girl care so much about forgotten homework? Well you clearly haven’t met Ms. Turnbull.

The halls were empty, this wasn’t a good sign. I passed by the science lab to find my maths class. Ms. Turnbull’s maths class.

I had my hand on the handle and just before I turned it I noticed a flash of movement inside. The window set in the door gave a clear view of my desk, and my homework sheet was still sitting there all innocent-like. At the front of the classroom, next to Ms. Turnbull’s desk was Ms. Turnbull. But she wasn’t alone. Mr. Edwards, my geography teacher, was there too, doing something with his hands, placi —  I snapped out of it.

What the heck was going on? My hand was still on the handle. Although part of me wanted to run, to forget I ever saw, I had come this far. I wasn’t going back empty handed. I twisted it and stepped inside. The teachers were startled by my entrance, unsurprisingly.

More surprising was that both my teachers acted in ways I had never seen before.

I expected Ms. Turnbull to jab a chubby finger in my direction and shout at me for entering without knocking, but she simply looked at me and clasped her hands together, stroking one hand with the other. Was she… blushing? It was Mr. Edwards’ turn to sternly ask me to leave and think long and hard about what I’ve done, but he didn’t. We stood in an awkward silence before I walked over to my desk and picked up my homework.

Ms. Turnbull finally spoke, “Sophie dear, don’t you worry about homework tonight. Leave that here with me.”

“But, I…” I was at a loss for words.

Ms. Turnbull took the sheet out of my hand, neatly folded it into a little square and pocketed it in her blouse. “And while we’re at it, why don’t we give you the rest of the term off homework. How does that sound?”

Her voice was silky smooth, not that harsh shouting she was well known for. It made my skin crawl.

“Okay,” I mumbled. I looked at Mr. Edwards, but he couldn’t take his eyes off Ms. Turnbull.

“Now run along home,” she said.

Mr. Edwards nodded in agreement, and I made my exit.

I was halfway out the door when Ms. Turnbull spoke again. “”This is our little secret yeah?”

“Of course,” I said and I slipped out the door.

Rachael was never going to believe this.

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