Flash Fiction: What Does It Take

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What Does It Take

What does it take these days to be a hero? It’s no longer knights in shining armour and rebels like Robin Hood. It’s something a lot less obvious. And I should know, I’ve been trying like hell.

This last week I entered a burning building to rescue a trapped cat. The little girl whisked it away and scolded it on the nose, without a single thank you. The nearby crowd didn’t look up at me in awe. A fireman simply told me off for endangering myself. How can one be a hero when it’s seen as foolish and reckless? I burned down half a building to prove a point and for what?

The next day I tried something a little simpler. I chased down a thief who stole an elderly lady’s handbag. I ran for three blocks, dodged cars and returned it to the woman, who only complained about all the dropped items and went off to pick them off the pavement. I paid the thief twenty bucks and there were still no smiles of gratitude or admiration?

It’s no wonder some heroes turn to the other side of the coin; villainy. Why care about how nice someone thinks you are, when instead you can make them fear you to their very core?

I made headline news this week. I robbed a dairy. I killed a man. Sitting here in this jail cell has made me question a few things. Not one of them being my new status in society.

What does it take to be a villain?

Not much at all.

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