Finding Purpose

Finding-Life’s-Purpose-3For most of my life I’ve been searching for purpose. I’ve found religion, lost it again. I’ve read books on personal development. Gone on courses. I’ve found causes I’ve believed in, fought for them and let them go by the wayside. I’ve dabbled in various hobbies. I’ve volunteered my time, fundraised. I’ve tried various career pursuits, changing my mind every other year.

Purpose is not a fixed thing as young Michael once thought it was.

It changes.

Your opinions change, and your passions do too. One minute you’re a managing director of your own community organisation and the next you’re shoveling up rabbit poop. It’s not a stop start thing either. It’s gradual. I’ve noticed myself lose interest in various pursuits, only to reignite my fire by something else in my periphery. But that’s normal. It’s all a part of growing older.

My one regret is not achieving mastery. I change tack so quickly I fail to really learn a job or a skill. But they’re all learning experiences which I take along with me to the next big thing.

If this all seems wishy-washy to you, it’s because I’m trying not to delve too much into specifics. Our paths are different, but we all change whether we like it or not. It’s unavoidable.

Like the pursuit of happiness I think it’s important to remember whatever we’re doing right now is our purpose. We may have career aspirations down the track or plans to start a family, but we’ll be forever lost if we don’t feel like we have purpose… Right. Now. If you feel like something’s missing life can seem meaningless. But we all have purpose; our jobs, our loved ones, our passions. Pick one. Any one. I’m sure you’ll see that you’ve already found purpose somewhere.

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