Flash Fiction: Piñata

Inspired by the prompt on Typetrigger.



“It’s your turn Simon,” said little Bethany, handing over the wooden baseball bat.
Simon took the bat and targeted the swaying object hanging from the tree.
“Hey, no cheating. You gotta be blindfolded first,” cried Bethany.
“I’m just practicing sheesh.”
“Well don’t.”
Bethany walked up behind Simon and reached up to pull a blindfold over his eyes. She tightened the ends with a simple granny knot.
“Can you see anything?” she asked.
“Nope. It’s pretty black in here,” said Simon.
“You better not be lying. Right I’m going to spin you now.”
Bethany placed her hands on Simon’s shoulders and urged him to turn.
“One… two.. three… four… five…” Bethany ran backwards out of the way. “Now hit!”
Simon swung at the dangling object nearly losing his balance. It connected with a thud. He took off his blindfold to admire the damage.
“What? Nothing happened,” he turned to Bethany. “Where’s the candy?”
“You gotta keep hitting,” she insisted.
Simon gripped the bat and swung again.
“Hey, not yet eager beaver. It’s my turn,” said Bethany. “Plus you’re not wearing the blindfold.”
Simon sighed and threw the bat at the ground. It bounced and rolled towards the tree. He marched away in a huff. Bethany went to pick it up. “Oh look, you got a bit of candy on the bat.”
Simon stopped in his tracks. Bethany scraped the bat with her index finger and procured a red glob. She licked her finger clean. “Eughh!” she spat. “What kind of candy is this?”
“Maybe we should try Felix from two doors down?” asked Simon. “He might have better candy.”
Simon and Bethany walked away from the tree and left the neighbours’ beloved tabby gently swaying in the breeze.

No animals were harmed in the making of this story.

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