Taking Action

Again I have fallen into the path of least resistance. One day my eyes are open to the great potential of the universe and what I could personally achieve. The next I’m overcome by it all and partaking in another media form, another distraction.

I have ideas. I have flashes of inspiration. But that’s not enough in this world. You actually have to go out there and take steps toward your dreams. It don’t happen overnight as they say. But a part of my brain refuses to accept this fact. It says there will be time for that later. But that time never comes.

I read an excellent series of articles on procrastination over on Wait But Why. It puts it into plain English and defines the emotions we go through as we succumb to procrastination.

So that’s what I’m going to do; wrangle my instant gratification monkey by its tiny little monkey paws and tell it what’s what.

So here’s what I’m going to do. I know I’ve done things like this before on here such as going Internet free and scheduling time, but this problem never really goes away, so I’m going at it again!

I’m picking two projects I would most like to work on:


Writing and Board Games.



This has been my thing for a while now. I’ve written short stories, flash fiction, poems and even a draft of a novel, and yet I have been rather slack on this front. I was supposed to be partaking in Nanowrimo this month, but I let it slip even though I successfully completed a similar feat last year. Writing should be something I do every day, an act of practice and progression, and at the moment it’s only coming up for Writer’s Plot assignments. This is far better than nothing, but it’s not at the level I would like. For if I really thought I could do this for a career, shouldn’t I work my ass off?

Board Games

I submitted an idea to Live the Dream. Unfortunately it was unsuccessful but I have chosen to keep working on the idea. I have hosted a few game nights with friends and they were great and continue to be enjoyable. But I need something more sustainable than my original game nights idea. I’ve been wanting to grow my own business for a while now. I’ve just needed the context — what can my business provide? And I think I may have found something. Now to do this will require another huge investment on my part.

Video games have been a huge part of my life and I’ve dabbled in board games here and there, but not to the same extent. That should soon change. Board games are something I have control over. It’s based on pure design without the knowledge of being an artist or an animator or a programmer. My business pitch (in one sentence) is to be a designer, a collaborator and a publisher of independent board games. I have a domain name and have started working on my own games as prototypes. But again, as with the writing, this needs to be something I sink my heart and soul into. And that means giving up time.

Now these aspirations are a little wishy washy, so I have come up with something more concrete. There’s nothing like a good old deadline to keep oneself active.


1) Read three TV scripts.
due Tue 12th November.

2) Choose a TV show & brainstorm a stand-alone episode.
due Thur 14th November.

3) Outline the episode structure.
due Sun 17th November.

Board Games

1) Design a prototype
due Wed 13th November.

2) Playtest
due Fri 15th November.

3) Iterate.
due Mon 18th November.

Once these three steps are completed I will reward myself with something sweet (most likely in the most literal sense of the word), and create another three steps.

As with any goal it is important to tell people about what you’re up to for that extra juicy zest of peer pressure. I will write another blog in a week’s time, Tuesday the 19th of November, to be precise. If you see me slacking off please do hit me up about it.

Right, less scheming, and more doing.

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