Reviewing Action

So a week has passed by and it’s time to review my progress on my Writing and Board Game related goals, as mentioned in this post. In short: I started off well and slipped up by the time it got to step two.


1) Read three TV scripts.
due Tue 12th November.

I started off simply with only reading involved. Thanks to Simply Scripts I read some TV scripts by the due date.

An unaired episode of Freaks and Geeks (the Bible was also an interesting read),

An episode of Cougar Town (not the best of episodes),

and an episode of Deadwood marking the demise of Wild Bill Hickok (thanks to The Weekly Script).

2) Choose a TV show & brainstorm a stand-alone episode.
due Thur 14th November.

Now this is where things got a little tricky. I brainstormed some shows: Freaks and Geeks, Parks and Recreation, and Doctor Who. Shows well known for their episodic structure, but still leave room for character development. But deciding on what an episode could be proved more difficult than first envisaged. For Doctor Who I had some wishy washy ideas regarding a world where time stood still and the Doctor and his companions (Amy and Rory of course) could move about freely. Then I decided it would make for rather boring television, that it would make a better game of exploration, and left it at that.

3) Outline the episode structure.
due Sun 17th November.

I didn’t pass step two, so therefore this one is moot.


Board Games

1) Design a prototype
due Wed 13th November.

I should have made these goals clearer to myself. As I had already created my prototype and play tested it I should have focused on developing the game rather than reiterated what I had already done, or even start on a new one. But I wrote up the rules to Follow That Map! (patent pending), so I kinda gave myself this one.

2) Playtest
due Fri 15th November.

Thanks to one five-year-old my original game seemed to pale in comparison to his Magnum Opus. So I lost a bit of momentum on that front. I had only tested the game with its current ruleset once before he took it over (one of his ideas was to add player tokens, which I did end up implementing). I didn’t want to break his little heart and remove some of his additional rules, and it’s a little hard playtesting by oneself. So in short, not achieved.

3) Iterate.
due Mon 18th November.

Having not play tested there was nothing to fix or add, so no designing or further testing was made.


After all those failures I still found enough confidence to write up this blog post. So that has to count for something!


So what can I take away from this experience? For writing I needed to put more thought into brainstorming. For next time I should say to brainstorm for say, five shows, and develop at least one idea for each and narrowing it down from there. Saying that I would choose one show straight off is a stressful experience and let’s the Instant Gratification Monkey run amock.

For board games, or goals in general, I should be more specific in what I want to accomplish overall, and work out the steps to take me there.

And I believe I should keep the deadlines close together to keep up momentum. Alternating between days for each project didn’t work as anticipated so I will work on both projects every day, one small step at a time.

So without further ado here are my new goals for the week:

Writing: Write one TV script of an existing show.

1) Brainstorm five episodes of various shows.
due Wed 20th November.

2) Outline one episode.
due Thur 21st November.

3) Write 1000 words following the outline.
due Fri 22nd November.

Board Games: Produce a working board game.

1) Play Follow that Map! three times.
due Wed 20th November.

2) Update the Follow that Map! rules with any findings.
due Thur 21st November.

3) Play Follow that Map! three times using the updated rules.
due Fri 22nd November.


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