Writing Achievements

Right, so here’s another harebrained scheme of mine to get myself productive.

I found these cool Nanowrimo meters on the website of Wool trilogy writer, Hugh Howey. They basically measure how many words you plug away at a piece. It’s handy because you can put your word count goal and it’ll give you a good idea of where you’re at. Plus it’ll show you actually making progress, even if you’ve only written a single word.

So I put some of mine up on the right column of this here blog. Hopefully that will give me an everyday visual reminder, instead of those weekly goals I trialed, hidden away on some blog post.


And if that wasn’t enough motivation I’ve crafted some Steam Achievements for when I do reach my goals. Because, it something gets too hard, gamify it.

Here’s what I have the chance to win (more incoming):





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