Flash Fiction: Bedraggled Cat


Bedraggled Cat

Wilson the black cat squeezed through a tight gap in the fence to arrive at an unfamiliar house. He sniffed the grassy backyard. There didn’t appear to be any sign of domestic animal life. Birds and hedgehogs sure, but no other cats, and thankfully no dogs. Wilson jumped into the open sill and squeezed through yet another gap.

There was a reason Wilson could make it through these impossibly tight openings. Yes, he was a cat–it was one of his natural abilities–but his frail frame helped out here too. Most other cats wouldn’t make it through what with the extravagant meals their owners fed them. Wilson was a bedraggled, homeless cat of skin and bone. It had always been this way. Born a kitten and abandoned under a house Wilson had to fend for himself. He was lucky he was so cunning. The rest of his brothers and sisters passed away. Sadly Wilson couldn’t take care of them all. He only had enough cunning to look after himself, and times were getting harder. His one dumpster dive behind the restaurant was a no go since it’s closure. Women’s fashion doesn’t have quite the same taste.

So here was Wilson exploring beyond his normal boundary. It took a while to find an open home. So many people were security conscious these days. Wilson jumped down onto the toilet seat making certain not to fall in. It had happened before and it was not easy getting out. Wilson sniffed the air and found his way towards the kitchen. There it lay on the counter, a great big chicken defrosting on a platter. Light streamed in through the window lighting up the meat like a sign from the gods. Wilson licked his chops.

Before he could climb the counter a hand scooped him off his feet, and Wilson felt the life squeeze out of him. Wilson hissed and tried to struggle. This was it. Death had finally caught up to him. The hands turned Wilson around. He saw a large face. A human face. A face in bangs and bright blue bows. She smiled a giant smile and put Wilson down. He almost made a run for it when the unexpected happened. The girl placed the defrosting chicken on the kitchen floor. Wilson sniffed at it suspiciously. Was this some kind of trap? But the girl stood back and let Wilson nibble at the flesh. He gobbled it down furiously. Perhaps Wilson wouldn’t die today after all.


First drafted over on Typetrigger.

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