2013: A Retrospective


With 2013 been and gone it’s time for me to reflect on what the year has brought me, what I’ve achieved, and what little surprises came along the way.

Be warned: navel-gazing lies ahead.

I met a girl.

This year started off with me spending a lot of time with a certain Writer’s Plot plotter. G, her and I took to Fisherman’s Table for dinner and off to Paraparaumu beach to play in the sand while the sun set. After a lot more face to face time it was only a matter of time before we went on our first official date. We’ve spent time going to a U2 “laser” show at the observatory, plenty of beach escapades, games of pool, TV marathons, romantic dinners, and escaping to a hotel for my birthday weekend. That’s not to forget all the adventures I’ve had with her and her son Monkey. I love her to bits. It’s been nearly a year and we’re still happily together. I hope her, Monkey, and I will have plenty fun times ahead.

Friends do the darnedest things.

I am thankful for the close friends I have, most of which I’ve known for a good few years now. We got up to some hilarious antics. I’ve gone on longboard escapades, a 5k obstacle course, a Firefly marathon, epic board game nights, pool & Foosball, good old catch-ups, gaming sessions, drinking sessions, trying to make fire on Guy Fawkes, exhausting turbo touch and cops & robbers, a crazy-filled cocktail party, and an intimate New Year’s Eve with games and a BBQ feast. More please!

Home is where the heart is.

I spent the majority of the year at E’s house. He and his Mum welcomed me into their home when I was essentially kicked out of my flat a few weeks before Christmas in 2012. I was given the spare room and got to enjoy a more relaxed environment, compared to my silent years with my previous flatmate. We gamed and I was treated to delicious dinners courtesy of his mum. This was Petri’s second home and although she was well behaved at times, she could also be a nuisance, eating the family cat’s food for example, or human food on the kitchen bench.

You can’t have too much of a good thing and this was only a temporary stopgap–it was time for me to move on. Unfortunately this came at a time where work was low and the funds in my account were almost zero. So in October I stopped looking at other flats and took up my Dad’s offer of moving back home. I’m still there trying to stand on my own two feet. I am fortunate to still be living near family. I know my girlfriend isn’t so lucky. In 2013 I was able to be there in person for most birthdays and Christmas Day, while she had only Skype. It’s not easy living halfway across the world.

Work (or a lack thereof).

This year marked the end of one of my “temping” assignments that began in 2011. After another unsuccessful attempt at full-time employment and heart break I decided it best to look elsewhere. It was hard leaving friends and a well oiled team behind but I took on another assignment leading up to Christmas. It was physically more demanding and finishing at 11pm was hard to get used to, but it was a new experience. It’s quite interesting how each new job gives you a new insight into how the world works, right down to the person who stamps your envelope. So it’s back to the drawing board for the job search. At least I have some study on the side this year to keep me occupied.

Pursuing Pursuits

I took up hockey for the first time. This was my first real attempt at trying on a sport and it was both exhilarating and exhausting. On game days I would feel annoyed at having to interrupt my day and whisk myself off to a hockey field. but once I got on the field it was better, I could fuel off my adrenaline and kill my shins for the next few days. There was still the anxiety of screwing it up for my team, but we won a few so I can’t have been a total flop. At the end of it all I walked away with the Most Improved player trophy and learned a lot about a sport I previously hadn’t. At this stage, without any money, I might have to leave hockey this year. To be honest I’m a little relieved.

I became a Duty Officer for the Animal Rescue organisation I volunteered for since 2011. This was a big step up from cleaning rabbit poop, now I could tell other people to clean poop, while err, having a whole lot more cat poop to clean up. It’s taken time, but I eventually learned the in’s and outs of opening and running shop, well… it’s an ongoing process. I joined the committee, dipped my hand into sausage sizzles and other fundraising, and I am now the official Minute taker. Sometimes it’s hard, but I remember the little faces of the itty bitty animals we’re there to support and it’s all okay again.

I took a plane to Melbourne for PAX, by myself! I stalked Gabe & Tycho and did a whole big post on it here. There is one thing I left out however. If you’re into games, or just ahh creating things, make sure you check out Ron Gilbert’s epic speech on the creative process.

Capture A Moment

Thanks to 1 Second Everyday I managed to capture a single moment of video footage on nearly every single day of 2013. It might not make much sense, but I hope it serves as a reminder to myself for the year.

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