Tickle King

One Cool Thing is my chance to highlight something cool I’ve found on the off chance you might find it cool too.

My One Cool Thing this week is a Kickstarter project: Tickle King – a documentary by NZ journalist David Farrier.

The Tickle King started off as a potential interest news piece about kiwis taking part in viral competitive tickling videos which quickly unraveled to become a whole Internet conspiracy. It’s a fascinating read and upon hearing the planned film I backed it immediately. There’s nothing like a good mystery!

4 thoughts on “Tickle King

  1. Everyone wants to see this Documentary move forward. Farriers first visit to USA was like a spy novel. Jane O’Brien’s offensive reply to his inquiry has everyone wanting to see what other dirt he discovers. The second visit should be twice as explosive. A visit to Boston, Conn and then a special interview in Florida. Everyone can’t wait for the updates, now there is a Movie to look forward too. The more Jane O’Brien causes legal problems, the more we want to know. I back this production 100%.

  2. Congrats to Farrier for his award for “Best New Pitch” for a Documentary. This thing is snow-balling and filling the internet. Everyone wants more and more….and Farriers second visit to USA may give everybody just what they want…..The Boston and Conn. trip is bound to dig up a lot. But the Florida interview is the most awaited. Stay tuned.

  3. Second visit is only a little over a month a way. As the list of stops keeps increasing, public and official interest increases with it. More places to check out, more info to look into and more interviews to look forward too.. Going to be one heck of a Documentary/Movie.

  4. This is a very interesting news story. It has it all. I plan to follow it as it continues to progress. It’s just all over the place and gets more exciting everyday. Farrier is one of the best and I look forward to the final product. I have a feeling this story turns into something much more.

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