Gray With An A: The Ground Rules

Gray_With_An_A_Logo_600Remember that one story I recorded and put online? Well I’ve been meaning to make a podcast, and with the help of Graeme Knowles, his recording prowess & rad home studio, we’re getting a regular podcast started.

My dream for Gray With An A. is to have a place for New Zealand writers and poets to get their work heard. It’ll be something you can download and listen to containing 100% kiwi-made short stories and poetry. We’ll start with one short story and one poem per episode and grow from there.

We need you, fellow kiwi writers to help take part.
Listen! Share! Contribute!

The Ground Rules

1) Whatever you submit, whether it’s a poem or a story, is yours to own. We won’t make any profit off of your work.

2) If you contribute we will plug your website/twitter/tumblr/Facebook page/hair cut/whatever.

3) Short Stories (& poems) need to be under a maximum of 3000 words.

4) You can send your mp3 to us to include on the podcast of your short story/poem or we can find someone to read it. Email Michael at if you wish to submit. You can upload your mp3 to a file sharing service like Dropbox, Google Drive, or Microsoft OneDrive, and share the public link.

5) We won’t censor any strong or graphic language. But we can’t promise not to giggle in studio if we’re recording for you–there will be re-takes of course.

6) If you prefer you can remain Anonymous. But it’d be really cool if you could come up with a pen name or DJ name like Disc-oh-Rocketz.

7) To give this podcast a focus we’ve narrowed the writers down to New Zealanders (those that live here). It’s not because we don’t like you, honest! Feel free to listen and enjoy some kiwiana culture.

8) Have fun! We’re just kicking this baby off, and podcasting is largely unfamiliar territory for us. But we hope you stick along for the ride.


You can find Gray With An A. over on Sound Cloud and iTunes.

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