Loaded Coronas

Yup, you read correctly. This week’s One Cool Thing is an alcoholic beverage.

I’m what you would call a novice drinker.  I don’t drink much and my range is.. limited. I fell into a cocktail phase last year which quickly petered out. Right now I’m downing  a whole lot of Rekordlig cider (I neeeds that Premium Winter Cider with apple-cinnamon-vanilla).

Thanks to Cat and her family, after the launch of her new book Databyte, and the re-release of her first book Killerbyteplug!–I tried a Loaded Corona which goes as follows:

1) Remove the cap from an ice cold Corona.

2) Have a sip.

3) Fill the neck with your choice of Tequila.

4) Using the cap cover the bottle and flip it over in your palm so the tequila can move through the beer.

5) Quickly flip the bottle upright, discard the bottle cap and drink!

6) Drink one or two more, and get dizzy.

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