MacBook Air

Kind of showing off this week, but due to the untimely death of my Compaq Presario I had to fill a gap, and what better than something shiny and new like a MacBook Air, which is this week’s One Cool Thing.

I picked up last year’s 11″ model for actually rather cheap, considering it’s a Mac. This is my first foray into the Mac world, and I’m still getting used to the shortcuts and where the hell everything is. No right click, what are we, animals?!

The MacBook Air is light and compact, and will fit snug into this new sleeve I’m picking up. Apple are well known for design and this may sound weird, but I just feel clean using their interfaces.

Of course it’s not all sunshine and roses. There are drawbacks to going Mac, and going light. 128GB isn’t huge for hard drive space so I’m going to have to watch that one carefully, or invest in an external drive. Also, no DVD drive, or HDMI output (Apparently that can be fixed with an Thunderbolt adapter, but why not build it in!).

First impressions: Very Cool.



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