The Leftovers

This One Cool Thing of the week I discovered late last night catching up on The Leftovers — one of the reasons I’m exhausted today!

The Leftovers is Damon Lindelof’s new TV joint after LOST. It’s co-created by Tom Perrotta based on his novel of the same name.

A “rapture” vanishes 2% of the world’s population in the blink of an eye, and a random lot at that too; rapists, drug dealers, beloved family members, Bonnie Raitt, and Jennifer Lopez for starters. It’s a premise show that doesn’t care too much about why it happened, but where to from here. That being said there’s still the odd supernatural element of what-the-fuck dreams, is-it-real-or-isn’t-it, and a guy that can hug the pain out of people.

It’s darkly intriguing and oozes a similar vibe to the misery that Broadchurch inflicted on me– that’s misery in the best of ways. The Leftovers sports a number of film/TV stars including Liv Tyler, and Christopher Eccleston as an American pastor.

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