Chew is another Image comic I’ve fallen in love with.

It’s a bizarre tale about an avian flu killing off a whole lot of people, and thus bringing about the great chicken prohibition. But that’s not the bizarre part.

This is also a world where some special people have inherited food-centric abilities. Tony Chu is hired as a detective for the FDA. Chu’s power is that anything he eats he can see into it’s past. For instance, eating bacon, he could see how the pig lived its last days before being slaughtered, or by tasting a drop of blood he could tell how a person was killed.

More often than not Chu is biting off more than he can chew (see what I did there?) and snacking into truly horrible things, usually limbs. Thank god it’s a comic is all I can say! I’m not sure I could stomach it in live action glory, and it looks like the Showtime TV show was canned in favour of an animated feature.

Chew is a crazy colourful beast that doesn’t mind delving into the downright silly. Its cast of characters are drawn in crazy proportions and with too much artistic licence on the female anatomy. But I just love the world filled with its eccentric characters and ridiculous culinary powers.

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