Songs of Innocence

Changing things up a little and switching to a Sunday night’s One Cool Thing because that’s how I roll, and well, my Monday nights are busy with speechmaking.

First up I’m going to give a nod to Depression Quest, an interactive text adventure that I finally got around to playing. Even with the limited options it was surprising how I could shape the story so close to my own experience with anxiety. It’s really god damn something.

So Songs of Innocence. I was not expecting a U2 album release this week. I mean I knew they were working on stuff, and were going to release something eventually that may or not be called Songs of Ascent.

And then they go and up Beyonce, releasing it on iTunes without warning, as well as giving it away for free. Well Apple gave it away for free technically, they were paid for it. Meaning I opened up my iPhone, downloaded the songs, and could play it instantly. I think we’re in the future folks.

This caused some controversy with people, and like Bono himself mentioned, it could be considered junk mail to folks with no interest in U2. A smarter decision would have been to drop it on iTunes for free and let people add it to their accounts at their choosing. But my initial reaction was this is pretty effin cool!

As for the album itself and putting aside Apple and the release, I like this one, I really do. For me it tops their last album, No Line on the Horizon, which I did like, but most of the songs didn’t stick.

The boys are about this album paying tribute to their childhood influences includingThe Ramones, Bob Dylan, and The Clash. And they do what U2 do best, ranging from the rocky to the heartfelt.

I’ve found it hard to pick a favourite track, but I’ve had the album on repeat over the week. When I first buy an album, over time I find out which songs I just have to listen to when they come on, or the so-so ones I skip. I don’t think I’ll be skipping these anytime soon.

Come October 14th I’ll have the physical deluxe album in my hot little hands. It’s a good week to be a U2 fan!

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