Couch 2 5k

I’m back into running after an extended break. In the past I’ve used story-driven Six to Start apps like Zombies, Run! 5k Training, Zombies, Run! 2, and The Walk for outdoor exercise.

Compared to these high production value games with storylines and full voice acting Couch 2 5k is overly simplistic, and its design is lacking. The beep between activities is shrill and the computer voice is primitive. Plus, just look at that title; it has a 2 instead of a to! Shocking.

But sometimes simple is what you need. There’s a lot of apps like this one that have you walking and running interchangeably, gradually making you run more over time. Starting off by walking for five minutes and then begins the jogging for 60 seconds, and the walking for 90 seconds. You do this for twenty minutes three days a week. And of course you can play your running playlists.

The Zombies app allowed me to run 5k so I have ever confidence in myself that I can get back there.

Couch 2 to 5k is my One Cool Thing of the week


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