I knew Dan Harmon was the show-runner behind Community; that he had conflict with actor Chevy Chase, that he was fired from his own show. But beyond that I didn’t know the man, and I didn’t know about his live podcast Harmontown.

Harmontown is a fly-on-the-wall documentary following Dan Harmon on a road trip around America for his live podcast while he procrastinates writing two television pilots.

At the heart of Harmontown we learn how raw and open Harmon is with the people around him, even complete strangers in a packed theatre. We see Harmon revelling in bringing together social outcasts, nerdy types that are overly invested in their role-playing, videogames, and pop culture. Although he struggles with control and his outspokenness, above all else Harmon wants to make people happy.

Dan reminds me of Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins bringing the Penny Arcade Expo around America to unite the same kind of love and fandom for their passion. With PAX Australia starting up again in 3 days time it’s given me time to reflect on this inclusiveness, that people just want to be loved for who they are and what they’re into.

It’s in the show’s title: Community.

Harmontown is not just about Harmon, it’s about Dungeon Master Spencer, and the people like him, coming to terms with their differentness–people who just want to be themselves.

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