2014 in Review

Looking back at the year that was. The things I aspired to do, the things I fucked up, and the new and unanticipated.

I played an RPG for the first time. It was a custom game based in the world of Buffy The Vampire Slayer using the combat and monster basics from the rulebooks. Our game took place in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.

I played as a Slayer, naturally.

My first relationship ended.

I went back to the workplace I left.

I went clubbing for the first time.

I went back to uni.

Goals from the post Give It A Go In 2014:

Code a game.
Although I gave up coding at uni I still have the itch to create software, even if it’s a basic game that will only amuse myself. Using code.org’s Java basics I’ll work through the tutorial steps and other resources until I have the know-how to create something of my own.

I used Codeacademy to relearn some programming in Java. I gave up on this pretty quickly. Coding isn’t a side hobby, at least for me anyway. You really have to go all-in.

Write a web series pilot.
Now that I’ve written a spec script (with a few more forthcoming), I’d like to write my own show, something small that could be achieved on a budget of next to nothing. With the right people on board the next step is to bring it to life.

I wrote a web series pilot. Well technically it’s a stand-alone web-series. It’s not really a continuing series. Maybe I should write something more sustainable. But it was good practise, and I would still like to produce it

Complete the TV Scriptwriting Masterclass.
Although I completed a BA in Media Studies in 2010, I really have needed something more specific on top of that, something with a bit more direction. I believe this Masterclass course in Television Scriptwriting is just the ticket. Lucky for me, I got in!

I completed the course. It was a blast. Good writing huh? I wrote a series bible and episode for a show I CREATED. Of course once the course finished my self discipline failed to keep me producing work. Without those deadlines things get pushed down the track don’t they?

Perform a written speech without cue cards.
I joined Toastmasters late last year so I’m now within a framework that encourages speech making. All I need is the motivation to practice and the confidence to go through with it. Having to rely on my memory without the safety of cue cards is one of the scariest social situations I can think of so I best warm up to this one.

I started practising a speech about my time in LSV. The objectives are body language so it makes sense not to have cue cards or the like holding me back. Of course my fear from actually practising the speech leads to more anxiety about actually doing the speech! A vicious cycle. Or blob of fear, that might be more accurate.

Execute a surprise weekend away.
My girlfriend took me away on my birthday weekend so it’s only fair I take her away at some point. Somewhere that’s a fair drive but not crazy far–and somewhere interesting with fun things to see and do. I have some work ahead of me…

We did go away for a weekend and we enjoyed it.

Though I paid for it she really chose the location which took away the surprise and the fact I was taking her away.

Maybe it’s no surprise we broke up a few months later…

Release a regular podcast.
So last year I took the first step in recording something. This year it’s time to do it on an actual release schedule and get that RSS feed growing.

I created a basic logo, Tumblr and Sound Cloud accounts and even got it up on iTunes. Graeme produced the show and even recorded some jingles.

And although we recorded some poems and stories the first episode never went up. The goal of the podcast was to showcase kiwi writers and I was struggling to find content.

My fear of being spontaneous lent itself more to rehearsed curation than conversation.

The podcast is still something in the back of my mind, but I don’t know which form it will take. Perhaps the right co-host might present themselves.

Speak complex sentences in Spanish
I know I keep adding this every year in some hope the language will come to me in a fever dream, but this year I am getting somewhere I know it! My aim is to complete the lessons of Duolingo and see what else I need to speak complex sentences.

So I still haven’t completed Duolingo Spanish. I’m pretty sure I progressed but then again it’s been so long. I tried some Spanish learning audiobooks later in the year. I should pick it up again.

Write every day
Now I know every day is a bit impossible as basically I have already failed it, but I want to endeavor to write everyday. For now I’m writing at least 500 words, usually working on my work in progress or a short story. Hopefully I can build on that, but for now I’m happy if I get on my ass and write some words with my morning coffee in hand.

Now December this was a success. I wrote every day for December bar Christmas Day, thanks to Leo Babauta’s Habit Plan and Manz, my accountability buddy.

And I’m still going. The original goal was to sit down to write for 2 minutes. I’ve increased it up to 5. Now that might seem very small. But it’s more about instilling the habit of writing. Some days I write a lot more.

Physical Mystery Challenge
Last year it was Warrior Dash. The year before that; Trailwalker. This year it could be Zombie Run on Sommes Island, Colour Run at Trentham Park, or something else. Though now I’m regretting writing these words as it means I need to go running again. Time to don some trainers, rope in a few mates and ruin our bodies.

Hmm. Don’t think I did do any physical challenge this year. Disappointing.

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