How you doin’?

Hi folks, it has been far too long. Thought I would post something up here to let you all know I’m still alive and kicking. No need to call the lost & found to find a dishevelled  Michael sitting in the back of a cage carving tally numbers into the walls with his finger nails. Yes, I made it out.

Thanks to a few kiwi bloggers I’ve been inspired to blog again. If you’re not already following these writers, get on it:
BoganetteMama Said, a blog on life and parenting.
Sarah WilsonWritehanded, a blog on mental health and life with disability.

I would lie and say I’ve just been busy. I’ve technically been doing other things yes. I’m still keeping up with Writer’s Plot, Toastmasters, and Aikido. And new things too like helping start up a board game meet-up. Oh yeah and I entered a new relationship back in January. I don’t mean to brag, but she is frickin’ awesome.

On the writing front, things are as disorganised as ever. I handed in a short story, wrote a few speeches. The scriptwriting bug has died down after some rejection. I know, I know, thick skin and all that. You only get better with practise. I’m writing this at 6am to give myself a daily hour of writing and ingrain it as a habit. Of course this only works if I get to bed on time! The One Cool Thing posts may not renew. Unless anyone out there found them useful, let me know. I should really use this blog more as a detail of life experience, and tell stories, that’s what it’s all about.

I’m still amassing funds to buy a new car, looking for work, and all that stuff. The road trip to Christchurch to see the Foo Fighters did go ahead. As live performers they kick all the ass. I got a little sick towards the end of the trip, but having a week off was a blessing just to relax and see the regrowth of Christchurch.

My body — sheesh, he really is going into everything here. Recently my body has decided to reject something in my system, causing me to throw up multiple times like someone’s sneaked me ipecac. I still have no idea what it could be, but as suggested by some people I’m going  dairy-free for a while, to see if that helps. I know a lot of people who have dealt with allergies for a long time and I don’t mean to compare. This is new for me and kinda hard. I eat dairy every day; milk in my coffee, sometimes cereal, butter on toast, cheese on cruskits, cheese in toasted sandwiches, yoghurt… Then there’s all those goodies like ice cream, chocolate, and milkshakes. God, I miss milkshakes, and it’s only been a few days! I know there’s alternatives for cow milk like coconut milk and soy milk, but that stuff’s pricey. I never thought I would be that person asking the barista for a cappuccino with soy. And butter, the glorious yellow stuff that makes everything taste that much better. Back to the fatty marge I guess. Now the real test is in my fortitude. Sunday was a fail. I ate chocolate, ordered a Gelato, but c’mon it was Anzac themed. Just doing my bit. Don’t look at me like that. You see a Gollumn-eyed Michael cowering with a tub of ice cream clutched to his chest.

I suppose exercise would help too. I bought new running shoes, does that count? Of course it would help if I went running. Last time I donned the shoes, I overdid it and killed my feet for the next few days. It’s all about routine like Mr Babauta says. Ease your mind into the habit so it becomes as natural as brushing your teeth, and your childish mind doesn’t come up with excuses for why you shouldn’t do it.

The anxiety is mostly under control, but there are still times when the pressure mounts, or when I’m around a lot of people. Worst case scenario, both happen at once. Then the flight part kicks in and I have to get out of there. Last Sunday I pulled out of the line to see the new Gallipoli exhibit at Te Papa, yes there was a 45 minute wait, but it might have had something to do with waiting in line with a hundred odd strangers (not that it stopped me before when waiting for the Foos mind you). I hightailed it out of there.

Then the bustling Wellington food market coupled with disorganised queues & choosing which food to eat given that one of us is a carnivore, the other a vegetarian. I got out of there, sat down on the grass and breathed. A good walk along Wellington Waterfront helped clear my head, and get over the embarrassment of my girlfriend seeing me this way. We ate brunch at the Tug Boat for the very first time and bought the aforementioned Gelato on the way back to the train. Some days are better than others.

TLDR: I’m doin’ fine.

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