Sister Mary Margaret

We killed a nun.

Wait! Hold on, before you call the cops. She’s… not real. We made her up.

As a project for our fortnightly writer’s group A Writer’s Plot, we self-published a book on CreateSpace centred around the passing of a nun.

Graeme kicked the project off, and Cat, our esteemed ringleader, collected stories on Sister Mary Margaret–our takes on the fictional nun. We compiled them together and made this book.

We’re not resting on our laurels either, A Writer’s Plot is already hard at work on our next creation.

Our book launch is on this Friday 22nd at Upper Hutt City Library 7-9pm.


Authored by A Writer’s Plot

Mary Margaret Kilpatric died at 97 Years old, she was born in County Cork, Éire, and was a nun at Holy Cross Convent, Wellington, New Zealand from 1949-1980 when she stopped working at the convent. Known as Sister Mary Margaret, she continued doing community work until her death on 24th May 2014.
Each chapter is a story of someone who has known Sister Mary Margaret in some way, they are reminiscing of that time, for better or worse, as they make their way to her funeral.

This was the brief given to the members of the writing group A Writers Plot, on a fictional character, and these are their stories.

2 thoughts on “Sister Mary Margaret

  1. Best of luck with this, Michael. I can’t make the book launch, but I hope you have a fabulous time and this is a roaring success. 🙂

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