I feel fantastic and I’m still alive

Yeah, yeah I know, it’s been a while. Don’t look at me like that.

Time to check in:

I started a new job in January. It’s been relief to get somewhere new and not be a “permanent” temp. This one’s only a six monthly so things are still up in the air. I don’t know yet if the contract will be renewed. Time will tell, but here’s hoping they can find somewhere for me within the organisation.


It’s been great to meet new people too. It’s a new team and we all started at the same time so we all went through it together. We have a make-shift ping pong table, partake in origami folding, colouring in, and jigsaw puzzles. What is this? An after school programme? Nope, sometimes we just get a lot of down-time. God forbid I actually like showing up for work! I even started bringing in some of my board games for lunch break.

M and I are now looking at flats together. It’s a big step, but we’re ready for it. We’re basically living together anyway.

It’s still going to be a big undertaking.

Sorting out power companies, Internet, fridges, microwaves, TV’s, all that stuff. I’ve flatted on my own once before, but it was already fully furnished. Well, it didn’t have an oven, but I found my workarounds! We’re saving all we can, because before we know it, poof, it’ll all be gone.


What are my current fascinations? Previously cocktails, whiskey (of both the Irish and Scotch persuasion), and board games. All of which I’m still into by the way. Now that I’ve made my own sourdough starter from scratch and baked up a few loaves (Horace III and counting), I’m really into bread making. I bought The New Zealand Bread Book on @caffe_weka‘s recommendation and I just want to bake everything!


This might seem counter to the above point but I’ve joined a gym for the first time in.. a while. It’s been a big break between gyms (and I have a stomach to show for it). I’ve got personal trainer sessions planned to get my routine sorted because quite frankly I have no idea what I’m doing. Upper body workout today and boy are my arms going to be useless for the next few days.
tv fashion the simpsons tv show homer simpson
So that’s one procrastination attended to.. but there’s still the big one, the monkey on my shoulder..


writing procrastinating bojack horseman bojack fonts

With an endless amount of entertainment streams (content if you will) I could happily entertain myself forever and never create again. But I know that won’t make me happy. I already feel empty, like I’m just killing time until my eventual death and I’ve only missed a few months.

Should I attempt the same solution as I did with exercise? A location to build my writing muscle and lose the flab? I did the library a while back, but sometimes there’s just too much distraction. And by the time I’ve finished work there’s not anywhere else to go. Cafes are closed. Is it time to set my alarm an hour early and get up again? Groggy eyed and staring at a blinking cursor? Whatever the case it’s something I need to work on.

Then there’s volunteering. I volunteered at an animal rescue for over three years, and I left to get my weekends back. Selfish I know. But week in and week out it restricted me from living my life, especially as a Duty Officer. My next volunteer role was more people focused, helping out with a board game club for teens. Due to this new job I can no longer do it and that really sucks.


I’m still on the lookout for a people-focused organisation, to give back. Like the writing issue, I want to DO, so I’m not all take take take. I still donate because it’s the right thing to do, but that doesn’t fill up that hole as much as hands-on work would.

If you have suggestions for places in need of a helping hand (in the greater Wellington region) hit me up.

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