Lyrical Sunday: Swallowed By The Sea

After all this time Lyrical Sunday is back. Thanks to an inspiring Slam Poetry night I convinced our dearest curator Latte Junkie to kick things off again.

This week’s theme is the image below. So if you feel like you can create something, whether it be a poem, a story, or another picture, have at it!

Swallowed By The Sea

My feet welcome the wave,

The last rush of water.

A final effort.

I embrace the calmness

Of the ocean’s

Last act.

Swallow us whole

My toes cry.

Bury us deep

In a mud pool

Of sand.

It is there I am complete.

My final resting place,

To be swallowed

By the sea.

Poem: Headache

First drafted on Typetrigger.


This itch won’t go away,
It scratches at my skull.

It’s more than pain,
More than grief,
It’s defeat.

A hopeless case
I am,
I feel.

I want to hide,
Run away,
Bury my head,

Don’t rock
The boat,

You don’t have
What it takes,

It’s too late
For you,

You’re nothing

My head it aches,
Won’t it ever



Poem: Small Bird

First drafted on Typetrigger.

Small Bird

It squawked
Miles above me,
A flutter of wings,
A whooshing of air,

I was up for a moment
To see the air,
To smell the grass,
Before it snatched me up
And whisked me away,

I was torn,
Chewed up,

It was small
That bird,
But I was smaller.

War of the Mind

War of the Mind

You perceive a threat,
Your body prepares,
Fight or flight.

Gut wrenches,
Heart quickens.

Your mind races,
You plan for every scenario,
And how to fight back.

It festers,
Eats away at you.

Anger clouds the mind,
Everything is muddied,
All you see
Is that
One thing.

You’re prepared to fight,
To go to war,
Let the shit fly,
Consequences be damned.

You let life get to you,
When it’s all so,