Upper Hutt’s Newest Bookshop

Writer’s Plot has expanded! Our local writing group, A Writer’s Plot (who meet at the Upper Hutt library) has branched out with the help of Cat and Caro.

Since this morning there is now a bookshop opposite the Upper Hutt train station, selling fiction written by New Zealand authors.

Cat and Caro have grand plans for the shop including book clubs, writing courses, author talks, storytelling sessions, and other events.

And guess what? Two of the books on their shelves include short stories written by me!

Check it out at www.writersplotreadersread.nz


Hasta Liebster, baby!

A special thank you to Jay for my Liebster award nomination. That was very kind of you.

From what I gather the Liebster award promotes blogs amongst your blogging pals. It’s like a chain letter, but one that gives you that warm fuzzy feeling instead of that ‘oh god, my loved ones are all going to die if I don’t pass this onto fifty people’ feeling.

Now my answers to Jay’s questions:

1. Do you like piña coladas? And getting caught in the rain?

Cocktails? Now you’re speaking my language. This recipe is my go to:


Sister Mary Margaret

We killed a nun.

Wait! Hold on, before you call the cops. She’s… not real. We made her up.

As a project for our fortnightly writer’s group A Writer’s Plot, we self-published a book on CreateSpace centred around the passing of a nun.

Graeme kicked the project off, and Cat, our esteemed ringleader, collected stories on Sister Mary Margaret–our takes on the fictional nun. We compiled them together and made this book.

We’re not resting on our laurels either, A Writer’s Plot is already hard at work on our next creation.

Our book launch is on this Friday 22nd at Upper Hutt City Library 7-9pm.


Writing Achievements

Right, so here’s another harebrained scheme of mine to get myself productive.

I found these cool Nanowrimo meters on the website of Wool trilogy writer, Hugh Howey. They basically measure how many words you plug away at a piece. It’s handy because you can put your word count goal and it’ll give you a good idea of where you’re at. Plus it’ll show you actually making progress, even if you’ve only written a single word.

So I put some of mine up on the right column of this here blog. Hopefully that will give me an everyday visual reminder, instead of those weekly goals I trialed, hidden away on some blog post.


And if that wasn’t enough motivation I’ve crafted some Steam Achievements for when I do reach my goals. Because, it something gets too hard, gamify it.

Here’s what I have the chance to win (more incoming):