My 2018 in a nutshell

Well, well, well, lookie here, it’s the 1st of January 2019 and as my Gregorian calendar indicates, it’s the start of a new year. I don’t know what it is about us as humans that like to measure time in such linear fashion and rinse and repeat. I mean what even is time? Why don’t we mark every week, neigh every day as a new year, a new opportunity? Okay, there’s probably scientific reasoning behind the modern calendars, but let me have this.

It feels like so long ago now but we went to the first Ōtaki Summer Camp and learned so much more about all the political issues and youth activism going on in Aotearoa. In that website pic you can see us and my bright blue top listening attentively to Deborah Manning, human rights lawyer. Sadly we won’t be going this year due to baby, and well, age. But we would go back again in a heartbeat.

I started Te Ataarangi classes to learn te reo Māori. I fell off towards the end of the year but I’m determined to get back into it. When you miss one class it’s oh so easy to tell yourself to miss another and before you know it you’re so far behind you don’t want to be a burden on your group. But really, the folks at Te Ataarangi Upper Hutt are lovely and very knowledgeable. They won awards don’t you know?

Michelle and I were accepted into our Tikanga Māori correspondence course through Te Wānanga o Aotearoa which we’re still underway in completing. We’d recommend anyone give it a go and learn about the values and traditions of Aotearoa’s indigenous culture and some new te reo Māori along the way. Just keep in mind there’s a long waiting list!

My grandfather of 97 years passed away marking the last of my grandparents. He now rests peacefully with my grandmother. He was lively right up until the end and a great example of determination against great odds. I will share something about his impact on me in a later post.

Michelle and I started on our parenthood journey. It’s not long to go now (like literally January, it’s here). We attended antenatal classes with trepidation but it turned out to be a pretty relaxed affair, besides my frantic scribbling of notes. If you need to know the 120 signs of pre-eclampsia I can tell you, just let me find my notebook.

Michelle and I began another journey into zero waste. What with climate change and our child is coming into the world, we want to leave no trace as the old Scout motto goes. I started blogging about it and fell off. There are so many great resources out there you don’t really need me to say the same stuff.  Go to one of the talks from The Rubbish Trip and I dare you not to feel inspired. It’s only baby steps, our waste had decreased drastically making use of our compost, but our recycling is still way up there and we hope to decrease that further.

We saw P!nk in concert and among Dunedin’s sights, we had a little roadie further south, seeing the house in Invercargill where my mum grew up, and looking out to sea from Bluff’s iconic signpost.

I turned 30.

I said goodbye to Binge With Me. I’m so grateful for the contributors to this little site, but we just didn’t have the time or energy to keep it going. That and writing fiction is unsustainable, I still want to write three pages a day (ideally). Plus, who can keep up with TV these days? I’ve also taken a break from Toastmasters while we bring our new one into the world.

For most of the year, I’ve been recording what I’ve been grateful for each day and because each passing day things do begin to blur together and it’s only when you stop and take a moment you realise all the individual unique things that you’ve experienced.

For next year I will stop recording it for all to see and practise more internal gratitude (we’ll just have to see how that goes). And I’ll pick up 1 Second Everyday again, especially with it being baby’s first year to help with the memory jogging.

I want to make a concentrated effort at blogging. I mean it this time! Well, okay I won’t be strict about it, but when there are issues that are important to me I want to take a stance on what I believe in and I need more than 140 characters. And maybe, just the occasional dad blog…